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Individual and group visitors


The Governor’s House is open to the public from April to October.
The visitor is guided by the interactive and scenographic itinerary.

All levels of the Governor’s House are accessible to visitors with disabilities (lift).

Contact us for more information before your visit.


A guided tour can be offered to groups of more than 10 people (under reservation).




Follow the news

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Schools and leisure centres

The educational service of the Pays d’art et d’histoire offers all year-round mediation actions aimed at young people. From kindergarten to high school, in school or outside school, children are invited to discover and get accustomed with the heritage.

The Governor’s House has a mediation space dedicated to schools and leisure centres to make them aware of the different heritages: landscapes, history, urban planning, civil, religious and fortified architecture, vernacular buildings, etc. Through the use of teaching aids allowing the manipulation, the discovery of techniques and the acquisition of knowledge, children learn while having fun.

An idea? a project? contact us to organize your visit to the Governor’s House.


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